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A candidate must have passed the 10th standard with Science, Mathematics, and English from a recognized board.
There is a minimum requirement of 40% marks in the 10th grade.
The English language grade in either the 10th or 12th standard must be at least 40%.
Age – 17 to 28 years
(+) or (-) eye vision allowed
No Visual aids
No Color Blindness

A Brief Description Of The Course

The Shipping Industry requested the introduction of the PRE SEA TRAINING Course to enhance the skills and versatility of ratings on board vessels worldwide. This course replaces the previous Deck Rating and Engine Rating courses and introduces the new “SDP” concept, which increases the employability of Indian seafarers in the global market. You can check your eligibility for the SDP Course, view fees, and download the admission form online. By completing this course, you can improve your skills and increase your chances of finding employment in the competitive shipping industry.

Certificate Awarded

Upon successfully completing the cook training program in the Merchant Navy, candidates will receive a certificate of competence from the Shipping Government of India and an STCW Course certificate. Additionally, candidates will be awarded INDOS and CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate) upon completion. These certificates are essential for working in the maritime industry and can significantly enhance a candidate’s career prospects. The INDOS certificate is an internationally recognized identification document for seafarers, while the CDC is a mandatory requirement for those working on board ships. These certificates demonstrate the candidate’s skills and competence, and can help them secure employment opportunities in the competitive maritime industry.

Career Flow Information